Well, just got back from the Wil Wheaton vs. Barney fundraiser for the EFF, and of course, it rocked.

One thing that I almost forgot about the DNA Lounge was its net access, and Pat and Beej dutifully plugged my image of the day to a bunch of people, not the least of whom was Wil Wheaton himself. He said he liked it and wanted to post it to his blog, which was a pretty awesome outcome for what was just my lame drawing of the day… I was more afraid that he might see it than hopeful. I mean, how many charicatures of himself has the guy seen in his life?

The brawl itself was superb. Wil Wheaton‘s speech was pretty powerful, and the way he finished Barney off with the lightsaber at the end gives me a newfound level of respect for the guy. Barney had it coming to him after that dirty hug bait-and-switch move he tried eary in the match.

Pat makes a surprisingly good weasley lawyer. Okay, so it wasn’t such a huge surprise! He hung out at the ropes waving his arms around angrily, and then ran into the ring with a stack of “cease and desist” notices to hand out to the crowd. There was a beautiful moment where he just tossed the rest of them in the air, and at that point, Wil Wheaton in berzerker mode chased him out of the ring with these letters still raining down. It was the purest form of performance art I had ever seen!

Overall it was a great night for me. I had those random moments of depression I always get a clubs, where I feel really isolated and sink deep into myself, though. And I have no idea how anybody ever hooks up at these places. It’s a complete mystery I may never unravel.

One thing is certain. The EFF knows how to throw a good party.

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