All right, I did it! I’ve been saving up, and building up the guts to do it, and now the deed is done!

No, I didn’t get the Yakuza-style tattoo of Genma Saotome on my back. That will have to wait.

I am now a Mac owner, thanks to my new Dual 867 MHz G4 tower and 17″ Studio Display. Pat already outed me, so this is no big surprise. You can go to Apple.com and get a good idea just how much money I spent on this stuff!

So far, I’m very happy with it. The display KICKS ASS! and although I prefer the previous model’s case design, the new G4 tower is quite a nice-looking and zippy little box.

The trip to the Apple Store in Palo Alto was filled with bad omens, however. I missed two offramps and then found a street fair blocking Univeristy Avenue when I got there, so I had to park several blocks away amid heavy traffic. Then, after I made my purchases and went to get my car I got lost again trying to find my way back to the store! Could there be some greater force warning me that this was the wrong decision? Or have the subliminal messages Windows XP has been beaming into my eyes through the LCD of my laptop for the last year successfully hijacked the navigation centers of my brain? Will the FUD never end?

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