Here is one of those blog entries the detractors hate the most.

$90.99 in balance adjustments since 09/02/2001!

Yes, my anal-retentive tendencies run so deep that I keep track of my cash spending in Quicken. I just ran a report to see how I’ve been doing on balance adjustments, and $90.99 was the damage.

That’s just under a quarter per day! When you consider that all of that error is from the last three months, I’ve really been losing track of a dollar per day. The first 9 months, I kept flawless records, and now I’ve really slipped. I guess gainful employment will do that. I spend more cash on lunch breaks now, and I don’t have the time to update Quicken before some of it has slipped from memory’s grasp.

Luckily it all goes to food anyway, so I can still run reliable monthly reports to satisfy my anal retentitude for all time!

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