Well, I should have seen this coming. This news is almost 2 weeks old and I just found out. Some friends told me about it, but I didn’t want to believe.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!

I should be used to all of my favorite Sci-Fi shows getting canned, but it still stings.

The Sci-Fi Channel has decided not to pick up Farscape for season 5, even though the series had been optioned for both 4 and 5. The whole thing happened so fast that the moya sets have already been torn down and the show is pretty much kaput.

To be honest, this season has been kind of a disappointment to me, but it was still the best show on the air to my tastes. I’m not so upset that the show is ending; it’s more that it will be ending on such a bad note. They were just wrapping up the last episode when they got the news, so there was no time to try and set up an appropriate ending.

They were clearly building up to some big payoff for season 5 that we’ll never see. Season 4 will end on some huge cliffhanger like every season before it, only this time it will be worse because they thought they had a gurantee that the story could play out in the next season.

I’m still not totally believing this. There’s still a chance that somebody will come to save the day. Some huge outcry from fandom will lead to TNN picking it up or maybe A&E, TLC or BET. Babylon 5 was cancelled at the end of every season, and it still got through to the end, though that last season was painful. Maybe Farscape will find a way to continue, but for now it really seems like the show is dead.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!

Why couldn’t it have been Alias or Buffy or some show that other people watch and not me, dammit!

I need to start watching shows that other people like, apparently.

One Response to “RIP FARSCAPE”

  1. sillydog Says:
    September 17th, 2002 at 11:31 am

    Cable TV is a dead end anyhow. May I recommend Andromeda? It caught me, despite the embarrisingly bad character names. Opening theme used to kick ass too….