Blitz Bunny


Had a few more episodes of bad TV to plow through tonight, resulting in this friendly little guy. From Shoujo to some kinda freaky Craig McCracken, Powerpuff Girls ripoff thingy. I think Dubyah’s speech is getting to me. Let’s blow some stuff up, starting with fuzzy slippers, and pixie sticks. Then we’ll engage in a pre-emptive strike to put a stop to tea parties and E-Z Bake ovens before they are used against us. No, I have no idea what I’m talking about.



I was apparently feeling a Shoujo vibe with this one, even though I haven’t read any manga in years. I have no self control when I sit down to draw. I don’t know what I’m doing here!

The poor WACOM has been gathering dust for so long, but I just had to veg out tonight with a pencil and some paper in front of dumb TV. It’s been so long, I bet nobody will see this, but that’s fine. Some day archeologists will uncover this site and marvel at the unrecognized genius of the magnificent — GOLABUTRON!