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More Munky Pictures

It’s time to dust off the old blog, and what better way than to kick it off with some random artwork that I’ve had lying around since the old Freestyle heydays of 1999 and 2000!

Anybody who worked for Freestyle Interactive during its first few years will know all about the “munkies.”  While they eventually would outnumber the humans 4-1, in the beginning there was only one.  The following strip is the original “Ryan’s Plush Monkey” comics I did in late 1999:

Two things come to mind in the nostalgia category: First, the monkey (actually from the defunct Puffkins plush line) did look a lot like a Furby, and we should know because Tiger Electronics, the ones responsible for those freaky babbling little mogwais, was one of Freestyle’s first clients.  The second thing that comes to mind is how at a startup, and I think particularly during the dot-com boom, anybody who could tell a CAT-5 cable from a shoelace was drafted into doing IT work for the office.

Later, Robo-Munky emerged.  This is an illustration of a costume that Ryan built for the Purple Monkey out of cardboard and parts of a CRT monitor stand: