Munky Brains

Whiteboard Munky (Original)Whiteboard Munky (Brained)Whiteboard Munky (On Ice)

This is what happens to the masterpieces I lovingly etch into the break room whiteboard. I work with a bunch of savages, I tell you!

The Thirty Six

The Thirty Six
This is a quick drawing born from the following Facebook exchange between me and an old RCHS friend (who is only semi-identified here in order to afford him some deniability):

JAH: Giving the 36 one more chance not to fail me…
NCR: Is that a group of vengeful Ronin?
JAH: Not really. They’re more disappointed than vengeful. Which is why they sometimes fail me. I have no time for weeping willows. You gotta own your rage.

NCR’s comment made me laugh, and I had some time tonight to draw something easy, so here we are. Don’t bother counting, though. The other 26 are right behind you.

Of course, the 36 is really a bus line in SF… The one that goes through our neighborhood, in theory. It’s not very reliable, so usually I just take the 1-mile calf-busting hike downhill to Forest Hill station when I’m in the mood for public transit. But on this day, it showed up on time for the first day ever. Of course, the next day it skipped the route twice in a row. I think the Ronin would be more trustworthy.