The Thirty Six

The Thirty Six
This is a quick drawing born from the following Facebook exchange between me and an old RCHS friend (who is only semi-identified here in order to afford him some deniability):

JAH: Giving the 36 one more chance not to fail me…
NCR: Is that a group of vengeful Ronin?
JAH: Not really. They’re more disappointed than vengeful. Which is why they sometimes fail me. I have no time for weeping willows. You gotta own your rage.

NCR’s comment made me laugh, and I had some time tonight to draw something easy, so here we are. Don’t bother counting, though. The other 26 are right behind you.

Of course, the 36 is really a bus line in SF… The one that goes through our neighborhood, in theory. It’s not very reliable, so usually I just take the 1-mile calf-busting hike downhill to Forest Hill station when I’m in the mood for public transit. But on this day, it showed up on time for the first day ever. Of course, the next day it skipped the route twice in a row. I think the Ronin would be more trustworthy.

Munky Rock

Munky Rock

Reading old Teen Titans trades (“Judas Contract” and “Who Is Donna Troy?”) made me want to draw some Perez-style rubble, so here you have it. I think it turned out well, but I got some details on the monkeys wrong (they’re based on real plush toys belonging so some former co-workers of mine).



It’s been a while since I’ve managed to sqeeze in any drawing time, but this Chirstmas, I took some time to put together this collage of my girlfriend’s dog, “Elvis”. It’s a total cheat of course, since I had the photos right in the Photoshop document for tracing and color sampling. Basically, it’s a more refined version of the technique I used to draw my old cat “Sidney” way back when. It was still time-consuming, but I’m happy with the results.

Blitz Bunny


Had a few more episodes of bad TV to plow through tonight, resulting in this friendly little guy. From Shoujo to some kinda freaky Craig McCracken, Powerpuff Girls ripoff thingy. I think Dubyah’s speech is getting to me. Let’s blow some stuff up, starting with fuzzy slippers, and pixie sticks. Then we’ll engage in a pre-emptive strike to put a stop to tea parties and E-Z Bake ovens before they are used against us. No, I have no idea what I’m talking about.



I was apparently feeling a Shoujo vibe with this one, even though I haven’t read any manga in years. I have no self control when I sit down to draw. I don’t know what I’m doing here!

The poor WACOM has been gathering dust for so long, but I just had to veg out tonight with a pencil and some paper in front of dumb TV. It’s been so long, I bet nobody will see this, but that’s fine. Some day archeologists will uncover this site and marvel at the unrecognized genius of the magnificent — GOLABUTRON!



I don’t know why I think anything is funny, but I enjoy abusing nameless cartoon characters through mean-spirited jump-cuts. I guess it’s just me.

Bot Designation 001

I needed to draw a robot… It’s some kind of emotional addiction that I developed as a small child, when I would draw these epic tales of robots blowing other robots up. It was truly epic stuff. A much better drawing than this formed in my notebook during a meeting this morning, but of course that’s relative.

I still don’t understand how I can live in one of the most enlightened cities in the world, yet I don’t get the Cartoon Network on Basic Cable. I miss Mister Thundercleese the most. There is an emptiness at the core of my being that thrives from his absense.

Image of the Day: Club Golabutron


Hey Stop! Read the comic first! Then skip the rant below!

I must be the most naive dweeb in the world. I read in my KQED magazine a couple weeks ago that HMOs are actually trying to purchase Club Card data from Safeway and other stores… and I was almost surprised! I knew it was a possibility, but I always thought that it was too evil, even for an insurance company to try. And I should have known better, being the son of an insurance agent.

Insurance companies hate one thing above all else: people who will actually file a claim some day. Their perfect business model is to have a huge pool of customers paying premiums for insurance they’ll never need because they represent the peak of human perfection.

There is a solid argument that club card data can be correlated to health risk. It can hint at “high-risk” behaviors like heavy drinking, smoking, junk food binging, etc. Never mind all of the reasons why this data proves nothing… if there is a statistical correlation it will be used.

Club cards are scary all around, but usually not in ways that can affect your life as much as this HMO business. Usually it just means you get more junk mail, and eventually your shopping cart will bug you when it’s time to swap the sour milk at the back of the fridge for a fresh carton. I can live with all of that because it doesn’t cost me. It does bug me that before long, the only way anybody will be able to afford food is to sign up for one of these things. Luckily, good ol’ laissez faire will someday lead to the mind-boggling innovation of clubless grocery stores, where the prices are low for everybody who comes in and wants to spend money there. I can’t wait…

For now, of course, the only solution is to subvert the system as much as possible. Use fake names, or avoid using the cards for as long as that is an option. But I would argue against trading cards with a friend, lest you pay for their bad habits later on.

Anyway, rant terminated.

Image of the Day: Golabuslacker


It’s been a while since I did anything with this weblog’s namesake, and this just seemed like something fun to draw at a time when inspiration is running kinda dry. I used a mechanical pencil and some felt-tip pens (and a sheet of paper!). And I have to say that the Sharpie is the greatest pen ever created. And that’s not just the fumes talking!

Image of the Day: “Random Chick #3″


More random goodness. The woman is imaginary, but I own one of the Ty plush Godzillas that her companion is based on.

I drew this while watching the first disk of Babylon 5′s new Season One boxed set. I was underwhelmed when B5 first aired, but when the 5-year arc started to kick in, I was hooked. It’s still one of my favorite TV shows of all time. I’m enjoying Season One, but I’m really biding my time until the Season Two set comes out early next year. Bruce Boxleitner rocks!

I wish I could update this site more often, but my daily life is rather on the exhausting side these days. Pity me!