Image of the Day: Club Golabutron


Hey Stop! Read the comic first! Then skip the rant below!

I must be the most naive dweeb in the world. I read in my KQED magazine a couple weeks ago that HMOs are actually trying to purchase Club Card data from Safeway and other stores… and I was almost surprised! I knew it was a possibility, but I always thought that it was too evil, even for an insurance company to try. And I should have known better, being the son of an insurance agent.

Insurance companies hate one thing above all else: people who will actually file a claim some day. Their perfect business model is to have a huge pool of customers paying premiums for insurance they’ll never need because they represent the peak of human perfection.

There is a solid argument that club card data can be correlated to health risk. It can hint at “high-risk” behaviors like heavy drinking, smoking, junk food binging, etc. Never mind all of the reasons why this data proves nothing… if there is a statistical correlation it will be used.

Club cards are scary all around, but usually not in ways that can affect your life as much as this HMO business. Usually it just means you get more junk mail, and eventually your shopping cart will bug you when it’s time to swap the sour milk at the back of the fridge for a fresh carton. I can live with all of that because it doesn’t cost me. It does bug me that before long, the only way anybody will be able to afford food is to sign up for one of these things. Luckily, good ol’ laissez faire will someday lead to the mind-boggling innovation of clubless grocery stores, where the prices are low for everybody who comes in and wants to spend money there. I can’t wait…

For now, of course, the only solution is to subvert the system as much as possible. Use fake names, or avoid using the cards for as long as that is an option. But I would argue against trading cards with a friend, lest you pay for their bad habits later on.

Anyway, rant terminated.

Image of the Day: Golabuslacker


It’s been a while since I did anything with this weblog’s namesake, and this just seemed like something fun to draw at a time when inspiration is running kinda dry. I used a mechanical pencil and some felt-tip pens (and a sheet of paper!). And I have to say that the Sharpie is the greatest pen ever created. And that’s not just the fumes talking!

Image of the Day: “Random Chick #3″


More random goodness. The woman is imaginary, but I own one of the Ty plush Godzillas that her companion is based on.

I drew this while watching the first disk of Babylon 5′s new Season One boxed set. I was underwhelmed when B5 first aired, but when the 5-year arc started to kick in, I was hooked. It’s still one of my favorite TV shows of all time. I’m enjoying Season One, but I’m really biding my time until the Season Two set comes out early next year. Bruce Boxleitner rocks!

I wish I could update this site more often, but my daily life is rather on the exhausting side these days. Pity me!

Image of the Day: Jack-O-Lantern 2002

One of my roommates and I had a pumpkin-carving party on Sunday. This is my contribution. Kathleen said all of my Jack-O-Lanterns look like they have deep concerns for the future. Is this another one of those “sometimes a jack-o-lantern is just a jack-o-lantern” moments?

The photo was stolen and cropped from Pat’s collection. Go check it out and bring his DSL to its knees!

Image of the Day: Don’t Ask


Yet another pencil sketch. The instinct to hit “UNDO” is burned in now, thanks to all the time using the Wacom tablet. Man, I’m such a slob!

Image of the Day: Bad Art

More bad art! That old chestnut, the disembodied brain in a cyborg body! My classroom notes were coated with these things. I skipped using the Wacom, and drew this with a very modern mechanical pencil while watching the third Andromeda DVD. Here goes my last shred of geek cred, but I’m starting to really like that show. The episode where the captain makes contact with his old girlfriend from 300 years in the future has won me over. It’s cheesy sci-fi time-travelling melodrama at its best. And to think I have four whole seasons to go before I’m caught up!


I just needed to draw something tonight because it’s been so long. I don’t have much to say other than 1) Rush job, 2) I like Gnomes, and 3) if this one had a caption it would be “Is it safe to come out yet?” I just had kind of a trying week.

BTW, OWNZORED is ongoing, but I think I’ve got it under as much control as I’m going to for now. I’m not as freaked out as I was last week, at least.



Okay, here is “Random Chick” #2. I was mostly playing around with tinting and other goofy Photoshop tricks this time.

The locale is kinda sorta the Twin Peaks tourist trap, which is a quick jaunt from my house on Panorama Dr. in San Francisco. That’s supposed to be Sutro tower looming in the background, much as it always does around here. The perspective and placement is all wrong, but she’s probably looking straight at Market Street, which cuts through the center of downtown with its blinding array of streeet lights.

I wandered up to Twin Peaks tonight and spent about an hour vegging at the view of San Francisco and the surrounding area. It sometimes still blows my mind that I actually live in “the city” after all these years. It’s a weird paradoxical feeling, since you can only feel so special for living in a big city, being surrounded as you are by millions of other people who all live there too. But it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and I’m gonna enjoy it while I can.



BONUS: Original sketch! (9k)

I’ve always liked the dumb Hulk the most. I think a lot of us can relate to that feeling that the whole world is out to get us. Of course, I never had Thunderbolt Ross commanding a battalion of tanks to interupt my solitude. Not yet, anyway.

I scribbled this on a sheet of paper (gasp!) and traced a scan with the Wacom to get the clean lines… the most indirect one yet! I like this techniques because I can watch TV and draw at the same time. I got a half hour or so into Terry Gilliam’s Jabberwocky earlier, and now that I’m done with my silly image of the day, I’m going to finish it off!

Side Note: I like how when I squint at this drawing it looks kind of like a disembodied brain. What does this mean, I wonder?

IMAGE OF THE DAY: The World’s Happiest Henchman

Some days, you just have to appreciate the little things in life and forget all of the troubles of being the henchman of an evil warlord bent on crushing the universe between the gloved fingers of his star-spanning gauntlet of merciless dominion.