Elvis Park-Li Memorial

I made the following video a few days after we lost our dog Elvis to to illness. I promised Patricia I would make a more upbeat video some day because he was really a happy dog. But for this one I wasn’t ready to channel that emotion.

Music: Heartbeat (reprise) from the Hula Girls Soundtrack by Jake Shimabukuro

Edited with iMovie 2008

Iphone test

Because I am able!




It’s been a while since I’ve managed to sqeeze in any drawing time, but this Chirstmas, I took some time to put together this collage of my girlfriend’s dog, “Elvis”. It’s a total cheat of course, since I had the photos right in the Photoshop document for tracing and color sampling. Basically, it’s a more refined version of the technique I used to draw my old cat “Sidney” way back when. It was still time-consuming, but I’m happy with the results.


All right, I confess, I am a cat person!

I felt like cheating tonight by tracing a photograph on the Wacom. It’s not as easy or precise as I thought it would be, but eh… not bad for a half hour’s work I say!

I miss Sidney. He’s still alive and well (I assume) living with a friend who can provide a much better home than I was able to. She calls him “Sid” rather than the fully-expanded “Sidney,” as if he weren’t a big pansey. (No offense to all you Sidneys out there!)

I had to give Sidney up (along with his neurotic buddy Waldo) when my life went haywire last year, and I think they’re both better off because of it.

I brought Sidney home shortly after my first cat, Illyana, died in late 1997. Check out the online memorial I made for her at the time if you’re so inclined. It’s very sappy, but it did help me out to write it at the time, and I hear other people who stumble across it have found some comfort there.

Some day I want to have cats again, but it will have to wait until I have my life a little more together… like in ten years or so.