HFS! Check out this press release from LucasArts!

Sam & Max is one of my favorite video games of all time, and I’ve always been partial to the LucasArts adventure games (well, the non-Star Wars ones, anyway). There’s also a sequel to “Full Throttle” on its way. It’s about time!

I’ve tried all kinds of adventure games, but those old LucasArts games were the only ones I ever felt compelled to play all the way through. I dig their philosophy of designing games that can never be made unwinnable, no matter how lame the player (me) is. It’s less realistic, but in the interest of making a game that is fun rather than frustrating to play, I think it was a good call.

I just hope those two sequels will run on my Win32 laptop, because they don’t seem to be planning any Mac versions. No, I’m not bitching, just stating the obvious! My Mac rocks without any crummy games! Full Throttle 2 is coming out on the consoles too, so chances are that includes a version for my GameCube.

What am I thinking! I don’t have time to play these life sucking games! I can dream, though…

More EFF Madness

Jamie Zawinski, proprietor of the DNA Lounge (I think) wrote a cool summary of last week’s “Wil Wheaton vs. Barney” event. Those who weren’t there missed out BIG TIME!

It was awesome to see the part Pat played in all of this. I particularly appreciate this shot of the bastard handing out cease-and-desist orders to the crowd. I get those all the time, but it doesn’t stop me from giving him shit.

Here’s Pat’s entry on the event.

Why Emulate SCSI?

(From the trying-to-be-clever department)

A friend of mine was asking why so many interfaces are mapped to SCSI in the Linux world. Some people make some bogus argument that it acts as a handy abstraction layer that improves code reusability and reduces errors and blah blah blah.

Do not be fooled! This is just another example of software engineers overwhelming the public with heavy buzzwords in an attempt to distract them from the true goal, which is to prevent the obsolescence of one of the coolest acronyms the tech industry has ever produced. And make no mistake, cool acronyms are the primary product of the software engineering industry, and they always have been.

SCSI is one of the last great acronyms. It’s kind of edgy, almost profane, and you can actually pronounce it. Just say it… “SCSI”… it just rolls off the tongue. Doesn’t that feel good?

Now try sounding out “USB,”, “IDE” or “IEEE 1394″. They don’t have the same ring to them, do they? And while we’re at it, as Py once pointed out to me, why use the 9-syllable “WWW” in speech as an abreviation for the 3-syllable “World Wide Web”?

Acronyms are a dying art.

We need to hold onto SCSI for as long as we can. If I can’t say “SCSI” at least once a week, I don’t want to be a programmer any more! Luckily, I’m not alone. The kernel hackers are doing everything they can to keep it in use. True SCSI devices can die out for all we care. Even if it means we’ll have SCSI sound, SCSI keyboards, SCSI mice, SCSI networking, and SCSI power switches, emulation will preserve SCSI forever!


Ted Rall: One Year Later, America’s Leaders Take Stock

Recommended Editorial Cartoon reading from Ted Rall.

I also recommend “To Afghanistan and Back” by Rall. It’s not going to answer any of your questions about the conflict, but it does a good job of showing what it’s like to be a wartime journalist in the third-world, which I found interesting on its own.

Ted Rall is so bitter, so full of hatred and angst that I just can’t help loving the guy’s work. I’ve been following him for years, but he’s really hit his stride reporting on the post-9-11 political scene. I’m glad we have guys like him getting all bent out of shape about this stuff. It makes me feel less alone (but not necessarily less powerless to stop what’s going on).

The latest Tom The Dancing Bug rocks as well. Go read it!


All right, I did it! I’ve been saving up, and building up the guts to do it, and now the deed is done!

No, I didn’t get the Yakuza-style tattoo of Genma Saotome on my back. That will have to wait.

I am now a Mac owner, thanks to my new Dual 867 MHz G4 tower and 17″ Studio Display. Pat already outed me, so this is no big surprise. You can go to and get a good idea just how much money I spent on this stuff!

So far, I’m very happy with it. The display KICKS ASS! and although I prefer the previous model’s case design, the new G4 tower is quite a nice-looking and zippy little box.

The trip to the Apple Store in Palo Alto was filled with bad omens, however. I missed two offramps and then found a street fair blocking Univeristy Avenue when I got there, so I had to park several blocks away amid heavy traffic. Then, after I made my purchases and went to get my car I got lost again trying to find my way back to the store! Could there be some greater force warning me that this was the wrong decision? Or have the subliminal messages Windows XP has been beaming into my eyes through the LCD of my laptop for the last year successfully hijacked the navigation centers of my brain? Will the FUD never end?


Well, just got back from the Wil Wheaton vs. Barney fundraiser for the EFF, and of course, it rocked.

One thing that I almost forgot about the DNA Lounge was its net access, and Pat and Beej dutifully plugged my image of the day to a bunch of people, not the least of whom was Wil Wheaton himself. He said he liked it and wanted to post it to his blog, which was a pretty awesome outcome for what was just my lame drawing of the day… I was more afraid that he might see it than hopeful. I mean, how many charicatures of himself has the guy seen in his life?

The brawl itself was superb. Wil Wheaton‘s speech was pretty powerful, and the way he finished Barney off with the lightsaber at the end gives me a newfound level of respect for the guy. Barney had it coming to him after that dirty hug bait-and-switch move he tried eary in the match.

Pat makes a surprisingly good weasley lawyer. Okay, so it wasn’t such a huge surprise! He hung out at the ropes waving his arms around angrily, and then ran into the ring with a stack of “cease and desist” notices to hand out to the crowd. There was a beautiful moment where he just tossed the rest of them in the air, and at that point, Wil Wheaton in berzerker mode chased him out of the ring with these letters still raining down. It was the purest form of performance art I had ever seen!

Overall it was a great night for me. I had those random moments of depression I always get a clubs, where I feel really isolated and sink deep into myself, though. And I have no idea how anybody ever hooks up at these places. It’s a complete mystery I may never unravel.

One thing is certain. The EFF knows how to throw a good party.

Culture Envy

Please forgive this amorphous rant…

I’m torn. I like being me, but I hate having no real culture to call my own. Geek culture is the closest thing I have, but it’s not like I couldn’t be a Geek and have some other interesting background to cling to.

American culture is weird. The melting pot has made it into a deadened shapeless mass. It’s like in printing, where if you mix too many colors, it just comes out as flat puke-gray. That’s how I feel. I’m a whole lot of nothing.

I look at people who were raised Catholic or Jewish, or are from 1st- and 2nd-generation immigrant families — or whatever — I hear lots of complaining, but it helps to define them, and gives them a place to run and hide when the existential weight of it all gets too much.

Sometimes I really wish I could have that feeling rather than feeling like such a blank slate all the time.

I remember one of the last things one of my ex-girlfriends said to me. She said “Don’t worry, you’ll find yourself a little white trash girl and you’ll live out a happy little white trash life!”

Jeez, why couldn’t she have just said I was lousy in bed and that she never really loved me like any halfway decent ex-girlfriend would do!? No need to leave behind the kiss of death like that!

So, anyway…

My only hope, being basically devoid of my own culture, is to leach it off of my friends and maybe someday marry myself into some.

RIP Chaos! Comics

Here’s some sad news:

[NEWSARAMA] Chaos! Comics Files For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

I’ve never been a big fan of Chaos! Comics, the publisher of “Lady Death,” “Evil Ernie” and their countless spin-offs, but the publisher always filled its niche well as the place to go for hard-rockin’ big-breasted in-your-face testosterone-flavored comics.

It was a perfect formula! What the smeg went wrong!

It could be that the continuing snob-ification of the comics industry has helped to push Chaos! out of the market. Everybody (or is it just me?) has been flocking to the re-vamped, edgier Marvel books and scouring the Top Shelf and Fantagraphics backlist for our next comics kick… meanwhile, there was Chaos! still plugging away with their bad-girl-with-sword comics that in theory should never have gone out of style…

I hear that their titles fell in quality after their mainstay artist Steven Hughes unexpectedly passed away a couple years ago, which could be another reason for the drop in sales. But I think the loss of the 13-year old boys looking for an over-the-counter Playboy stand-in was a big hit… those kids are now too busy hoarding their money in anticipation of Dave Mirra BMX XXX to shell out $3-4 for a 22-page skin mag.

Which is too bad. I hate to see any comics publisher fall, and Brian Pulido always seemed to me to be an okay guy. There were rumors going around that he was going to sell the company to CrossGen in order to save it, but it turns out that that was never really an option.

Chapter 7 means they are calling it quits and selling everything they can in order to pay off their creditors. I guess this means Lady Death and Purgatory will be able to find a new home, since the niche they fill is now basically empty… they will have to return to disgust me yet again someday.


After getting our asses handed to us at trivia, Pat, Py, Adam, Beej and I went to 31 Flavors for Ice Cream and to chat some more about this insane world of IRC Bot patents and Ashcroft internment camps… then I stood in the parking lot chatting with Beej for like an hour about stuff before we thwarted hypothermia and headed our seperate ways at 11:30pm.

Man, I missed hanging out with my friends while I was locked in my latest warp-speed mega-project at work. It’s become such an important factor in my overall well-being that I begin to suffer exhaustion from the lack of social recharge that results from too much isolation. Last weekend a bunch of us went to Lava Beds for an extended weekend, and it could not have come a second later.

I mention this because it wasn’t too long ago that I considered myself to be an incurable introvert, with few friends and little need for anybody else. Maybe it was just some kind of self-induced, 28-year phase I’m finally growing out of.

Wouldn’t that be great!


I had a horrifying realization tonight. I may actually like some of Madonna’s music.

I thought I was just being ironically detached, singing along to “Like a Prayer” in my goth metal meat-grinder voice… but you know, I think she has talent, even if it’s in finding the best people to surround herself with.

And though the point has been put across enough times to almost guarantee it’s promotional spin, I really feel that she has grown up over the years in front of everybody. People criticize her for “reinventing” herself constantly, but I just see it as the same kinds of “phases” that we all go through. Of course, the grief she gets over this is just the price of fame…

So now I must crank up the Joy Division and cleanse these thoughts from my mind.